Capacity building workshop for members of the CHSTs of agricultural enterprises in Saint-Louis

The SCL participated in a workshop to strengthen the skills of the members of the CHST of agricultural enterprises in Saint-Louis, organised by the Labour and Social Security Inspectorate and GIZ (Deutsche Gesellschaft für Internationale Zusammenarbeit).

This workshop, , which dealt with the health and safety of workers is part of the major project "TOWARDS LABOUR REFORM", the aim of which is to strengthen the strategic capacities of the Ministry of Labour in order to steer the reforms of labour law and labour administration.

On behalf of the SCL, Dr. Asséga Sylvain SAGNA and Mouhamadou Moussa CISSE were present for 3 days with very satisfactory results, including

  • Sharing of experience on what is being done at the SCL in terms of occupational health and safety, in particular the mapping of occupational risks
  • Better knowledge of the "Together towards Labour Reform" project, its context, its approach and its challenges;
  • Better knowledge of the legal and regulatory framework for the protection of workers' health and safety
  • Better knowledge of the role of the labour administration in monitoring the application of the legislative and regulatory framework for risk prevention