Corporate Social Responsibility

The four main areas for our community investments:

  • Our farming neighbours

    The land SCL cultivates had never been used for agriculture. They were nevertheless grazing areas for pastoralists.

    SCL allows its herder neighbours access to some of its crop residues during the lean season (March to July).

    The biomass provided free of charge is far greater than the biomass that the low rainfall naturally provided to the herders before the SCL was established.

  • Health

    We have a medical team of 2 doctors and 6 nurses.

    We have 3 infirmaries with equipment and drug supplies.

    In addition to the care given to our workers and their families, our medical team intervenes in the villages for care, awareness and prevention actions.

    Since March 2020, an IPM managed by the workers ensures health coverage for our workers and their families.

  • Education

    Since its creation, SCL has always been involved in the school infrastructure of the villages near its production sites.

    The SCL has participated in the financing of several schools and colleges. It works on these actions with the " Partenariat Lille – Saint-Louis ".

    SCL actively participates in the training of young learners by welcoming many trainees.

  • The environment

    By identifying the risks and the inevitable environmental and social repercussions of our activity, we take action to control and reduce them.

    SCL has planted nearly 70,000 trees on the uncultivated parts of its production sites, including many baobabs.

    We recycle our plastics (irrigation drippers, harvest boxes) and our used oils.

Health in the workplace


Frequency rate

Frequency rate

Severity rate

Severity rate

Medical examinations for aptitude, information and prevention on hiring 100%
Annual medical check-ups 100%
0 Enhanced medical surveillance examinations
0 Priority disease control programs
Tuberculosis, HIV, Malaria, Hepatitis B


  • Continuous health monitoring - epidemiological surveillance of diseases with epidemic potential, in particular Covid
  • Blood donation for the Saint-Louis blood bank
  • Fight against malnutrition and kitchen training + dental care for children in 2 villages for 214 children and their parents
  • Monthly family planning services throughout 2022
  • Help in the management of acute surgical pathologies and chronic non-communicable diseases