IPM SCL thanks its staff

L’IPM SCL achieved satisfactory results in 2022.

This positive result is the result of a rigorous team effort.

Ainsi,  L’IPM The SCL IPM would like to extend a special thank you to :

  • General Management for its unconditional support.
  • The Medical Department for its work ethic and the admirable involvement of its company doctor and nurses.
  • The following members of the Human Resources Department for their reliable and unfailing help in reimbursing medical expenses:
    • Mrs Soukeye DIALLO from Diama
    • Mrs NGOM Ndèye Fatou NDIOGUE from Ngalam
    • Mrs SECK Anta Mar FALL from Savoigne

The Board of Management of theIPM IPM SCL would also like to thank all the staff for their renewed confidence.