Recruitment of Tractor Operators

The Société de Cultures Légumières invites applications for the recruitment of tractor drivers.

Internal applications are strongly encouraged.

Skills required :

  • Driving licence C/E
  • Good command of the work tool

Desired skills :

  • At least 2 years' experience driving a tractor or 4 years' experience driving a heavy goods vehicle
  • Ability to read, write and express oneself in French

Appreciable skills

  • Mechanical skills will be an advantage

Documents to be provided :

  • Valid driving licence
  • CV+ Covering letter (written by the candidate himself)
  • Work certificates or other documents proving previous employment
  • Identity document

Nota Bene :

  • Any incomplete application will be rejected
  • Only successful candidates will be invited to the test

Applications can be submitted to the HR department at the three SCL sites before 10 July 2021.

Amplification :

  • Heads of the surrounding villages of the three sites
  • Town halls of the surrounding municipalities

Offer expired